Fascinated by Your creativity

Jesus, the way You’ve made my 6 1/2 lb yorkie captivates my heart.  She is this little ball of fur with so much personality — so happy, so thrilled to be alive, so warm and affectionate, so brave and intelligent.  Her face is adorable.  Her eyes alert. The way she moves, the way she leans into my neck, the way she jumps and skips and runs, such a joy.  Even her bark and how her tail moves each time she barks brings a smile to my face.  She makes cute baby sounds, growling at her big brother silky terrier, whimpering when she feels left out.

Jesus, You are creative.  Every animal You’ve created is a living expression of Your creativity.  I’m captivated by what You’ve made, especially when I take just a few moments to think about the miracle of each animal.


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