Your Humility

Jesus, I am most drawn to You because of Your humility.  I’ve grown up in an atmosphere of pride, and I’m still bathed in this same atmosphere.  It is so refreshing to spend time with You.  There is no need to jostle for recognition with You.  You prefer me to be me.  You prefer to hear my real thoughts rather than homage or proper etiquette.  You aren’t about being elevated and recognized.  You already know that You are EVERYTHING.  You aren’t about using me to fill Your needs.  You are already whole.  You are the only One who is so completely whole that You can enjoy me and see me just as I am.  You are not about trying to fit me into an acceptable mold.  You are about me being everything You’ve created me to be. You are not about using me to meet Your needs.  Your hands serve me and wash my darkest places.   Thank you for making Yourself nothing, for dying an excruciating criminal’s death for the joy of spending forever with me.  How could someone who spoke everything into being, who holds everything in place, be so selfless?!  You are divine, Jesus.


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