The Invisible (2)

I still wonder why faith is so important to You, God.  Why do You love it so much when I have confidence in You, an invisible God? You love it when I believe in Your goodness, Your concern over the details of my life, Your power to move mountains and release miracles.  Yet You made life difficult.

I feel Your invitation to take the invisible dreams You’ve deposited into my heart and turn them into tangible reality.  You invite me to persevere in the face of obstacles, delays and seemingly immovable mountains.  You call me to keep believing, to put action to my faith until this bit of heaven You’ve planted in my heart is something that blesses the world.

I do not understand the mystery of why You love faith so much, but I say, “yes,” to Your invitation to bring a little more heaven to earth, to believe and move in faith, even when the obstacles look insurmountable.


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