Jesus, I’m grateful that You’ve created friendship.  You could have created a world devoid of friendship, but it says a lot that You created me with the capacity for deep friendship. Friendship makes life colorful and worth living.  Thank You that at the core of everything is friendship.

I love that You are willing to share everything in Your heart with me.  You are willing to be transparent.  I love that You are willing to sacrifice Yourself for me.  You gave Your life in a very painful and degrading way.  I love that You share in my joys and my sorrow.  You don’t become envious when I am doing well, but You’re truly happy for me and celebrate my successes.  Nor are you a fair weather friend who leaves me when my life is not much to celebrate.  In fact, You move closer to comfort me when my heart is broken.  You rally all around me when I need the support.  I’m grateful because You do not use me for Your benefit, but You serve me and lay Your life down for me and give and give and give.  Thank you.  I treasure Your friendship.


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