Friendship (2)

Friendship is a gift and a mystery.  Sometimes it lasts for a season.  Sometimes it spans a lifetime, weathering many changing seasons.  Some are fragile, destroyed by an imagined offense, while others survive the successes and tragedies of life.  I marvel at friendships and all that needs to be in place for a friendship to begin, grow and flourish.  I relish the magic when a friendship flourishes.  It is one of the deepest pleasures of life to be lost in conversation, exchanging ideas, joys and sorrows.  Friends give strength to face tremendous challenges and comfort in loss.  Friends also make our wins a joy as they celebrate with us.  It is a rare gift to have someone who is safe and listens well, who openly shares who they are and who rallies behind you.  Volumes can be written about the intricacies of friendships, but I’m grateful that You created them.  Thank you, Jesus.


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