Friendship – Seeing Well

I feel like friendship is about seeing another well.  When our strengths are seen clearly and celebrated, we flourish.  When our weaknesses are seen and accepted, we feel treasured. Even when a weakness is being lovingly exposed, if we feel truly seen and loved, the negative feedback is a gift.  We know we are being invited to step more fully into who we are created to be.  When our emotions are seen and understood, especially really dark emotions, we are healed of trying to hide and segment ourselves into separate parts.

It hurts to be misunderstood.  It hurts to hide parts of the real self for fear of rejection.  It hurts when people do not see, remember or acknowledge us.  Yet in friendship, we can be healed by the gaze of a friend who sees us for who we are and champions us.

Jesus, thank you for seeing me well.  Show me how You see me so that I fall deeper in love with You and me.  Help me be a friend who sees well.  Help me see You well.  Help me see others well.  Let Your kingdom of love expand by my seeing well.  Amen.


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