Smiling & Laughing

I love that You made us able to smile and laugh, Jesus.  I can’t think of any other created being who can break into a smile like humans.  I’m not sure if angels can smile, but I know animals cannot smile.  They can wag their tails. They can purr.  But I don’t know any animal that can smile and laugh like humans.

Smiles are like sunshine to my soul.  Your smile, Father, radiating from Your face gives me such an incredible sense of well being.  I love knowing that You are happy with me, pleased and proud of me.  I also love knowing that You have everything under control.  Seeing other people smile and hearing people laugh also warms my heart.  Finally, when I smile or laugh, I find that it makes me happier.  It’s like my emotions follow my smile.

I love the nuances of a smile: there’s the subtle smile, the goofy grin, the over-the-top-I’m-happy-to-be-alive smile.   There’s the polite laugh, the nervous giggle, the loud guffaw.  In all it’s shades, the smile and laugh are a great gift from heaven.  Thank you!  I want to hear Your laughter, feel Your smile, see the expressions on Your face today.  Amen.


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