The Mundane

I wonder what You think of the mundane, of the routines of life, Jesus.  I wonder if the mundane was created to keep us humble, faithful in the little things…or if the mundane is a result of our fall from glory.  Somehow, I think we were created for so much glory that we never experienced boredom.  But now, in this fallen state, our glory is hidden, often hidden in the mundane.

Some people adore routine.  Some people would rather die than live trapped in routine. Then there is everyone else within these two extremes.  I’m one who prefers variety, fresh ideas and experiences.  Yet, over the years, I’ve also come to relish the sameness of my morning routine, the joy of bringing order to things — my paperwork, finance, space…  It is a strange paradox that I love the novel and the routine, that these two loves co-exist in me. Regardless, I’m grateful to enjoy both, grateful for the many simple pleasures from Your good hand.  Thank you, Jesus.  Amen.


4 thoughts on “The Mundane

  1. Esther, I’m so glad that The Lord has let our paths cross so that I can read your wonderful posts. I love them. They are simple, and yet deep with meaning and provoke thought and gratitude to God. Keep it up young lady. Lord bless!!!


  2. In a sense, there is nothing mundane in the presence of Jesus. There is always something new to discover about Him and His world. Thanks for discovering my writing, which allowed me to visit here and discover yours. Keep it going, you are quite unique!


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