Jesus, I’m grateful for Your affection.  I know that Your affection is not a mere fleeting warm feeling, but comes from a passionate, eternal divine love.  You loved little kids near You.  You loved to touch them and bless them.  Your eyes welled up with compassion so many times when You saw people suffering — the widow who lost her only son, the young rich ruler who couldn’t trade his wealth for Your kingdom, sisters mourning the death of their brother. Sometimes I can still see Your eyes well up with tears when You look at me in my sorrow — there’s so much warmth, tenderness and understanding in Your eyes.

I wish I could hear more clearly the emotions in Your voice when You share Your thoughts. I’m almost positive that I’m missing a lot of the warmth and passion in Your voice when I read the text that records Your words.  I’m almost positive I fail to hear the emotion in Your voice when You speak to my heart each day.  I ask You for wisdom to know Your heart toward me — Your enjoyment of me, Your approval of all that’s right, Your encouragement for the areas that are not quite there.  Thank you, Jesus, for Your kind thoughts toward me, for Your warm affection and fierce devotion.  My prayer is that I would pour out my affections on You each moment of this short life You’ve given me. Amen.


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