Jesus, I’ve grown to love order with each passing year.  When I was younger, order was not something I appreciated.  It was something I took for granted.  Yet I’ve grown to relish the feeling of order, and it is no longer something I take for granted.  It brings me great pleasure when my home is in order, when even the cupboards and closets are well organized.  I love having my finances in order, my business running efficiently and smoothly.  It is such a joy to have time uncluttered, unrushed, so I can be fully engaged in whatever I am doing in the moment.  I love the incredible well being that comes from sitting at Your feet and breathing deeply.

You are a God of order.  You could have created everything all at once.  Yet You created the material world in orderly fashion, each day designated for a specific creation.  So You love our lives to have divine order, each season for its unique purpose.  I pray my life would be a living reflection of the beauty of divine order, and that through the years, divine order would continue to expand in all facets of my life.  Amen.


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