You keep in perfect peace those whose eyes are fixed on You.  So when I feel anxious, I know my eyes have drifted from You.  I live in a world riddled with problems — large injustices down to small inconveniences.  Your ancient enemy loves to use these problems to steal my joy and peace…and, oh, how easily my joy seems to get stolen.

But You, God, love to use these problems for glory.  Each problem is Your invitation to draw near to You, to develop a history of seeing You come through for me, to fall deeper in love with You.  You long for Your sons of glory to rise up and step into their destinies.  You chose the hour and the place each of us would be born.  You chose the obstacles and battles each of us would face…and You wait in anticipation for us to step into our place as sons that bring heaven to earth, divine solutions to problems that seem unsolvable, love and joy in the darkest places. You wait for us to display Your multifaceted wisdom to all principalities.  It is a mystery why You wait for humble humanity, a mystery why You love us so much.  You made us from dust, clothed us in humanity, yet call us to infinite glory as kings and priests.

Help me not shrink back and hide or whine when I’m faced with what looks like an insurmountable obstacle.  Help me keep my eyes fixed on You, confidant that You have given me everything I need to bring more heaven to earth.


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