Jesus, I treasure Your love.  Thank You, for living inside of me, for speaking to me, for listening to me.  You are the dearest friend.  No one gives like You give…so extravagantly, so wholeheartedly.  You gave up Your prestige and glory.  You gave health to bodies, soundness to tormented souls, heaven to our hells.  You gave everything, even Your life in a very brutal, humiliating death…all so we could live.

Thank you for family and friends.  I am grateful for how they each fight for my well being in their own way, how they each show me a different facet of Your love.  Thank You for the many hugs I’ve received, the many shoulders I have leaned on, the hands that have comforted and served and the words that strengthen and destroy prison walls.

I love looking at the world You’ve made.  Everything You’ve created shows exquisite attention to detail, even an ordinary leaf or a blade of grass.  Every animal created is an amazing bundle of personality, strengths and survival skills.  The sun shines with warmth and life and joy, faithfully rising every day, even on those who do not deserve kindness.  The color, the sounds, the movement…all declare that You are amazing.

Finally, I see Your love in the invisible principles You’ve laid down to govern everything. Every great idea is an expression of Your love, a glimpse into a deeper principle, a wisdom pillar built on love.  At the end of the day, when I stand before You face to face, I want to hear You say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  I want to see Your eyes of approval because I built my life on Your eternal love.  I built my life on receiving and delighting in Your love.  I built my life on loving even when it appeared small and insignificant, because You treasure and remember every little act of love forever.


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