It is Your glory, Jesus, to conceal things in mystery.  You have hidden Your wisdom in the stars, in the earth under our feet, even in our very DNA.  You have also hidden much of Your heart in stories — in the parables you told, in history as it unfolds, even in our life stories.  I confess that I prefer to be fascinated — to know — without having to expend the effort of searching out mysteries.  Yet You love the dance of hiding and discovering.  You love dropping a hint here, a glimmer of glory there, so that I would keep searching, keep asking, keep exerting effort until… another hidden mystery is unveiled.  With every hidden truth, You beckon me into this love dance with You.   It is Your glory to shroud things in mystery, and it is my kingly glory to search them out.

My prayer is that I would step into this glorious dance with You, where I unwrap treasure after treasure of beautifully hidden mysteries.  Let the dance begin in this lifetime and let it continue for all eternity.  Amen.


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