The Mystery of Marriage


There is mystery in romance.  What is that initial spark that draws two people together?  How does that initial spark turn into a blazing romance?  How is that romance sustained over a lifetime through the seasons, the challenges and the monotony — wherein two people who are so “other” become one?  Every romance, every marriage that has weathered the years all point to a greater love…Your divine love.

Jesus,  I feel Your ache for oneness.  It is a mystery why Your heart would burn with such passion for broken humanity.  Yet there is no denying that Your heart is an eternal raging fire of divine love.  What else would have compelled You to exchange heaven for a humble stable, to be born for the sole purpose of an excruciating criminal’s crucifixion?!   At Your core is romance, the longing to be one with me forever.  I look forward to spending eternity going deep into the mystery, the joy, the fulfillment of being married, of being one with You Jesus.  Amen



You are my song, Jesus. The fact that You spoke song into existence fascinates me.  And in the darkest night, it’s song that sustains me.  It’s Your song that infuses strength into my weary soul and spirit.  I feel heaven open and light break out, fresh hope for tomorrow.   The darker the night, the brighter the song.

My prayer is that You would open my ears to hear the song that You sing over me, Father.  I want to hear the song that’s all around me.  I want to hear not just with my ears, but with my heart and spirit.  And I want to sing.  I want to sing tenderly and passionately my love to You. I want to sing boldly that the mountains in my life will move.  I want to sing happily that You’ve got everything under control.  I want to sing and sing and sing no matter what comes my way.  Amen.